session pricing



the glance  -  $450

1 - 1.5 hour session in your home and yard. Includes an online gallery of 10 - 15 hand-edited images for download with printing rights.

Consider using this session to 'tell a story' about your family. Breakfast with kiddos still in their pajamas or dinner with your little helpers setting the table. Washing the car. Reading together. Doing gymnastics on the bed. What is the story of your family right now?


the gander  -  $800

closer to a day-in-the life shoot, this session is 2.5 - 3.5 hours in your home and around your neighborhood, including your local park, if you so choose. Includes an online gallery of 20-30 hand-edited images to download with printing rights and your choice of one 11x14 or two 8x10 prints on high-quality, thick matte paper. This session is easily long enough to capture a meal, some snuggling, and good play at a park.




film  -  $60

add a roll of dreamy film to your session. Medium format (12 large squares) or 35mm (24 smaller rectangles).

film is professionally processed and scanned. You will receive digital scans along with your session gallery and film negatives upon request. 


instax  -  $40

ten shots on instax wide instant film. Retro, funky, and unpredictable. I think of this as 'summer vacation film', and everyone enjoys the magic of watching the picture slowly appear.

I will 'borrow' the physical prints to make scans, which I will add to your gallery. Your prints will be returned with any other product you have ordered.



print sets  -  $50

ten 5x7 or 5x5 prints on gloriously thick matte paper. They are bold and saturated and are a joy to look at and touch. Great for a rotating display in your home or to send to friends/family.