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Being a mom has shown me the beauty of everyday life. Being a photographer helps me capture that beauty.

If you're underwhelmed by posed family photos and matching outfits, I might be the one for you. Let's keep this easy: you be you, in your own home, as you do every day. I'll show up and cement that into memories you can look at in a year or five or twenty. To give you back your littles when they were little. To remind you of the chaos and the snuggles and the time when your old sofa was still new and maybe your husband had a bit more hair.

When you look through photos your parents or grandparents took, isn't it the slice-of-life part that you love?
Can you believe those clothes?
Do you see the spark of mischief in her eyes?
I remember that Christmas!
Do you remember how Mom made waffles all the time?

Why not pass on that feeling to your kids? Let me help. I'll pop by and catch you at breakfast or getting the kiddos up from nap. I'll snap a few pics of all the toys on the floor because believe it or not, you will miss them. I'll find some magical light in your house and mix it up with the magic of you.

I'm Betsy. I'm nostalgia and over-thinking and loving you and your family as soon as I see you. I'm looking for the light. I'm looking for the shot you'll want to keep forever. I'm helping you see how beautiful you are.